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Baby & Toddler Door Stopper Guard

£4.99 £4.99

  • MUST HAVE Baby-proof finger protectors: Kids can easily get injured by a closing door, the door can suddenly bang shut, children and pets can get stuck in certain rooms by themselves, fingers can get stuck in and much more! 
  • KIDOOLA finger guard: Made from non-toxic, sustainable and cushiony EVA foam, this is in a flexible C shape to make it easy to attach and fit around any size door. 
  • Clean design & colour: Blends in with any decorative style, providing a nice, spongy cushion between the door and its frame. 
  • Easy to use: Place this guard on the side of the door, out of reach from the children to prevent any mishaps, but allow at least 6 inches from the top. 
  • Excellent Customer Service: We want to make sure our customers are happy so we always focus on helping you as much as possible!