Keplin Group Limited

20-Inch Suitcase Hard Shell Case


  • Size - Measuring 56x23x38cm, the carry on suitcase is suitable for all types of travel. Whether it is a short or long trip, a family holiday or a quick weekend getaway, the LUGG 20-inch hard shell suitcase has you covered.
  • Ultimate Protection - This travel suitcase features a high security, TSA locking system that allows you to feel fully confident that all your valuables are protected as well as knowing security and inspections will be quick and easy, saving you time
  • Features - With the push button telescopic handle and swivel wheels, moving this small suitcase is effortless for all conditions and surfaces, no matter where you¡¦re going. 
  • Airline Compatibility - Designed specifically to meet the standard cabin requirements, the LUGG 4 wheel suitcase
  • Lightweight & Durable - Made with ABS material, the LUGG lightweight suitcase is made to withstand all kinds of travel and remain in great condition no matter how many trips you go on.