Keplin Group Limited

Expanding Hose Pipe


  • Expandable: This brilliant development uses high-quality materials; with solid brass connectors and a revolutionary house made of exceptionally durable 3-layer latex; covered with flexible 3450D woven polyester.
  • 10 Function Nozzle: With numerous spray options to suit your needs for gardening; cleaning and more! 
  • Space-Save: Whilst also being expandable; this can also easily retract down to its original shape; reducing this to a portable; easy to handle size for storage or carrying. 
  • Easy Use: Very simply just turn on your connected water supply and watch the hose grow to its maximum length of 100 feet!
  • Includes: 1x Expandable Garden Hose; 1x Multifunctional Spray Gun; 1x Storage Bag; 2x Brass Connectors; 1x Hose Hanger; Perfect for all gardens; car washing