Keplin Group Limited

2pk Fly Catcher Bottle


  • Double Pack of Fly Bait Traps - Convenient pack of 2 premium flycatcher bottles. Each bottle comes with highly effective bait powder that attracts insects from up to 10 metres away (Please allow up to 7 DAYS for full effects to show). 
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use - The Premium Fly Catchers are designed to be suitable for gardens, refuse areas and other outdoor spaces. We have a clever design with a hole at the top of the flycatcher for easy attachment so you can hang this trap anywhere you wish.
  • Reusable and Easy to Use: Each bottle comes with 2 bags of bait sachet powder. Each sachet is designed to be mixed in the container and filled with 1.5-litre water.
  • Highly Attractive Trap with Bait - Activating the trap is easy. Put the powder in the bottles and add 1.5-litre water into the trap, then simply hang it in a pest-ridden area and it is ready to use!
  • Non-Toxic - The bait attractant is poison-free. The flies will only be killed by the mechanism but not the bait. Help to save the planet and environment with our trap, also protecting your pets and families.