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With over 6 years of Amazon and e-commerce expertise, Keplin Group is ready to elevate your online presence. Leverage our strong Amazon relationships, revenue-boosting strategies, and expert teams to reach millions of potential customers.

We are your one-stop shop for custom product solutions, featuring exclusive manufacturing capabilities and an expert design team committed to top-notch quality and efficiency. Partner with us to start your business growth journey and make a powerful impact in the marketplace today!

Amazon Vendor Experts

Partner with the #1 Amazon Experts and elevate your business to new heights. With our unparalleled Amazon relationships and a dedicated team of specialists, we have the capability to handle every aspect of your Amazon presence in-house— from product listing and design to logistics, PPC, and SEO.

Our proven track record speaks for itself:

  • 1,000+ listings optimized
  • 100+ top-ranking products
  • Bestseller status achieved within weeks
  • 1,000+ base of loyal customers
  • 500,000+ customer reviews
  • 17 successful inhouse Amazon brands

We guarantee your success with a strategic approach that delivers results. If you’re a manufacturer, have an innovative product, or a brand looking to reach millions of customers immediately without the lengthy process of building an Amazon presence, you’re in the right place.

Partner with us today and watch your business thrive on Amazon.

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Custom Product Solutions

Discover the ultimate solution for your product needs with our comprehensive development and manufacturing services:

  • Top-Quality Products: Diverse range of over 500 high-quality products.
  • Proven Success: Join 500,000+ happy customers who trust us.
  • Seamless service integration: Extensive assortments supplied in a short time at competitive prices with 4PL services
  • Customization: Tailor products to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Quality Control: Enjoy rigorous quality checks to ensure excellence.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From development and packaging to supply chain management, we handle it all.

Partner with us and streamline your product development with a single source that takes care of everything for you.

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  • Specialist teams always geared to create custom solutions for clients' unique needs £100m+ generated in revenue for clients with innovative strategies.
  • A Wealth of Experience in Product Development to elevate your business offerings 100+ years of combined team experience in the industry.
  • Proven Success in Scaling Brands Online to Propel Your Business Forward 200m+ units sold by Keplin Group & our distributors across the UK & Europe.

Why choose Keplin Group?

Expert Revenue Scaling

Transforming your visions into market success.

Unwavering Reliability

Proven track record of consistently delivering results.

Hassle-Free Process

Providing end-to-end assistance and personalised solutions.

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Established Reputable Brands - Ready to supercharge your Business in UK

Explore our range of successful brands and the wide-reaching impact they've made, as we guide you through a journey of discovery and the relentless pursuit of creating trusted, top-tier products.

Our Brands
Established Reputable Brands - Ready to supercharge your Business in UK
Ray Mehra

Ray Mehra

Keplin Group, CEO

Rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing Amazon D2C brands in the UK, Keplin Group boasts a portfolio of over 100 products. We have successfully created and launched 17 consumer brands, each experiencing rapid growth and accumulating an impressive 500,000 reviews. Our curated product ranges are the result of a deep understanding of customer desires.

Our comprehensive 4PL services impress partners with seamless logistics and supply chain capabilities, managing e-commerce and Amazon distribution from start to finish. This integration allows us to offer extensive assortments of custom products in a short time at competitive prices, showcasing our ability to manage end-to-end distribution and deliver exceptional results. Our dynamic energy, deep audience understanding, and comprehensive product range set us apart.

By partnering with Keplin, manufacturers can leverage our expertise to optimize their online presence and streamline their supply chain, ensuring rapid turnaround times and deliveries. Consequently, major retailers have begun stocking our products, a testament to our team's exceptional capabilities and commitment to quality.

With extensive expertise and passion, our teams are dedicated to helping other brands scale their businesses on Amazon without enduring the complex processes. We offer custom product solutions, providing complete product ranges from innovation and design to development, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and quality control. Collaborating with major retailers, we cater to their product customization and development needs, aiming to make high-quality products accessible to their customers. By leveraging our expertise in sourcing, marketing, FX hedging, distribution, and freight, we offer the most competitive value-for-money products in the market.