Custom Product Solutions

Our product development & manufacturing services help you access top-quality products, expand your product lines, & streamline your supply chain efficiently.

Utilize Keplin Group's selected brands and products, tap into our manufacturing expertise, or join forces with us in creating new products, to harness our wealth of experience and commitment to excellence.

We have built trusted brands with thousands of positive reviews, provide compliant and thoroughly tested durable products, and maintain a dependable supply chain.

Sell Our Products

Over the years, we've established several reputable brands, each backed by thousands of verified reviews. Within each brand, we've successfully created, improved, and brought highly profitable products to the market.

We would love to start a partnership with new retailers that will help Keplin Group reach a wider end consumer.

Our Own Branded Products

Explore our success stories and discover how Keplin Group has helped businesses like yours thrive in the e-commerce realm. 

Client Success Stories

We offer numerous benefits to our clients

  • Innovations

    Continuously improve and expand your product range to meet market demands. Collaborate with us for product development.

  • Amazon Experience

    Leverage our 6+ years of expertise in Amazon Vendor and Seller for brand-building to enhance your brand's reach and revenue.

  • Financial Gain

    Keplin Group is able to provide flexible payment terms of 30 - 60 days to help you maintain your cashflow.

  • In-House Team

    Our in-house team covers various areas - product development, QC, brand awareness, Amazon selling, and time efficiency.

  • Overseas Relationship

    Partner with us and benefit from our strong relationships with our 1000s of factories based in the Far East.

  • Quality Control

    Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures your products comply with UK regulations and have all the necessary certifications.

Streamlining the delivery processes and providing value to clients. Work with us