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Frequently Asked Questions
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Amazon Listing Optimization

What is Amazon Listing Optimization, and why is it essential for sellers?

Amazon Listing Optimization is the process of enhancing product listings on Amazon to improve visibility, attract more customers, and boost sales. It is crucial for sellers because optimized listings can significantly impact search rankings and conversion rates, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

What are the key elements of a well-optimized Amazon product listing?

Key elements of a well-optimised Amazon product listing are strategic keywords, compelling titles, detailed descriptions, high-quality images, competitive pricing, and positive reviews.

How can I effectively research and incorporate keywords into my Amazon listing?

Research keywords using Amazon's search bar and third-party tools. Analyse competitors and customer reviews. Use keywords naturally in your listing. Regularly adjust based on performance.

What should I do to continuously improve my Amazon listings over time?

Continuously improve your Amazon listings by analysing performance, gathering feedback, updating information, refining keywords, optimising images, monitoring competitors, and staying updated on platform changes and trends.

Is it necessary to monitor competitors' listings as part of my optimization strategy?

Watching your competitors is like peeking at the opponent's playbook. It gives insights into market trends and pricing strategies. By staying informed, you can adjust your listings to stay competitive and attractive to customers.

Design [Artwork, image, etc]

Why is product design important on Amazon's Platform?

Product design is vital on Amazon as it influences customer perception, purchasing decisions, and overall user experience. Well-designed products stand out, induce confidence in the product and the brand, as well as driving sales successfully.

Why are high-quality product images crucial for success on Amazon?

High-quality product images on Amazon are crucial as they are the main visual representation for buyers. Clear, attractive images build trust, aid decision-making, and drive sales success.

What are the key image requirements for Amazon product listings?

Key image requirements for Amazon product listings include high resolution (at least 1500pixels, but the optimal size is 2000 pixels), a pure white background, no additional objects or text, accurate colours, specific size and format guidelines (JPEG or TIFF), and main images filling 85% of the frame. 

How can I make my product images stand out and be more competitive on Amazon?

To boost your product images' competitiveness on Amazon, invest in professional photography, including lifestyle shots and infographics. Ensure high-quality editing and provide multiple angles, variations, and subtle branding. Incorporate comparison images to highlight unique selling points. These strategies will help your images stand out and drive sales.

Can I update product images after a listing is live on Amazon?

Yes, you can update product images on Amazon even after a listing is live. Just access your seller account, find the product listing, and upload new images or make changes as necessary.

Amazon, PPC & Marketing

What is Amazon PPC, and why is it important for business?

Amazon PPC is a pay-per-click advertising method on the platform where businesses pay for each click on their ads. It's crucial for boosting product visibility, driving traffic, and increasing sales by allowing targeted keyword and product advertising.

How do keywords help in PPC advertising with Amazon marketing?

Keywords in Amazon PPC ads determine when your ads show up to potential customers. Targeting relevant keywords improves ad relevance and click-through rates, making your PPC campaigns more effective.

What is ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), and why is it important?

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) is a metric in Amazon advertising, showing the ratio of ad spend to revenue as a percentage. It is crucial for measuring campaign profitability and guiding advertising decisions.

How can I measure the success of my Amazon PPC campaigns?

To measure Amazon's PPC campaign success, track metrics such as CTR, conversion rate, ACoS, ROAS, and total sales from PPC ads. These metrics provide insights into campaign effectiveness and areas for optimisation.

What are the different types of Amazon PPC campaigns available to sellers?

Amazon PPC offers three main campaign types: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads. Sponsored Products promote individual items, Sponsored Brands showcase brands, and Sponsored Display ads target based on interests or products.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid in Amazon PPC advertising?

Common mistakes in Amazon PPC advertising include neglecting keyword research, ignoring negative keywords, poorly optimising product listings, setting inappropriate budgets, neglecting campaign monitoring and ACoS, and failing to test different strategies for improvement.

Can I advertise on Amazon if I'm not a seller but an author or publisher?

Yes, authors and publishers can advertise on Amazon through programs like Amazon Advertising. They can promote their books through Sponsored Products and sponsored Brands ads, targeting relevant keywords or interests to reach potential readers on the platform.

Is it possible to track offline sales that result from Amazon PPC advertising?

It is possible to track offline sales resulting from Amazon PPC advertising through various methods such as using unique coupon codes, tracking phone calls generated from ads, or implementing offline conversion tracking tools provided by Amazon Advertising.

Can I target specific customer demographics with Amazon PPC?

Yes, you can target specific customer demographics with Amazon PPC advertising by utilising features like audience targeting and demographic targeting options available within the platform.

Import & Distribution

What types of products does Keplin Group Limited import and distribute?

Keplin Group Limited imports and distributes a wide range of products across various categories, including but not limited to home and kitchenware, automotive accessories, pet supplies, and consumer electronics.

How can I place an order with Keplin Group Limited?

To place an order with Keplin Group Limited you can either visit the website and browse through the product catalogue, before filling in a form stating which product specifically you wish to purchase, including specifics of colour of pack size (if applicable).

What is the delivery and shipping process for orders placed with Keplin Group Limited?

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How does Keplin Group Limited ensure product quality and compliance with regulations?

Keplin Group Limited ensures product quality and compliance by implementing rigorous quality control measures, thorough testing, and sourcing from reputable suppliers. They also stay updated on regulations to ensure ongoing compliance.